How to generate folio with Sqlite android



I have a question, I have an app that works with data stored in sqlite is a collection app, I already have all the operation of my app, only that I lack the power to generate folio that when the user applies a payment generates a internal folio, will it be possible with sqlite?

asked by Hugo Rodriguez 22.07.2016 в 21:47

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If all you need to keep an accountant you can use shared preferences to maintain a value between sessions of the application.

Note that just like SQLite, these values are local on the device (the folio numbers would not be unique among other devices running the same app) and that this information is removed if the user clears the app's data or uninstalls it .

In case you want to save any of these cases you should save the values in an external server.

answered by 28.07.2016 в 20:33