how to fix error Attempted to load class \ "Configuration \" in symfony2? [closed]


Good morning. I am trying to integrate the docusign api to sign documents digitally. I'm following the steps for its integration (the steps are here link ), but I'm stuck in the part where I must initialize the configuration, the class already exists in the project (check it already), but even so I get this error:


Attempted to load class \ "Configuration \" from namespace   \ "DocuSign \ eSign \". \ NDid you forget to \ "use \" statement.

I already declare use DocuSign\eSign\Configuration; but nothing yet. I do not know what I missed or did not do. Thank you in advance.

    $username = "[USERNAME]";
    $password = "[PASSWORD]";
    $integrator_key = "[INTEGRATOR_KEY]";
    $host = "";
    $config = new Configuration(); -> en esta linea me da el fallo
asked by devjav 18.08.2016 в 15:56

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It is important to define the solution to this problem in a general way. Do it in Symfony 3.2.x

1.- First install the library in autoload. In my case, I added my library in composer.json:

 "Autoload": {
     "Psr-4": {"": "src /"},
     "Classmap": ["app / AppKernel.php", "app / AppCache.php", "** src / AppBundle / juanitourquiza / pagopayphone / library" **]

And after this instruction:

 composer update

2.- Create a service to use the dependency injection within my bundle within the Services folder that you also create so that everything is more ordered with the following code:

namespace AppBundle\Services;

use BackendBundle\Entity\Reservation;
use AppBundle\juanitourquiza\pagopayphone\library;

class PagotarjetaService{

 public $manager;

 public function __construct($manager) {
        $this->manager = $manager;

 public function implementacion(){
    //tu codigo va aqui

3.- The following lines should be added in the config.yml:

#    class: AppBundle\Directory\ClassName
#    arguments: ['@another_service_name', 'plain_value', '%parameter_name%']

    class: AppBundle\Services\PagotarjetaService
    arguments: ["@doctrine.orm.entity_manager"]

4.- In the controller that will be used, the service is called

use AppBundle\Services\PagotarjetaService;

5.- Finally we use the service in the controller


6.- The output for the example will be your code, in this case we put the text test and that will be displayed.


I hope it helps you, with this this error is corrected and it is the appropriate way to implement it as a service.


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