Project contain folder has gray color


Uploading my project to a repository in GitHub , I have encountered the inconvenience of uploading all folders except one, the www , which contains the project.

I try everything but it is not possible to upload the files contained in that folder.

I'm doing a project using Ionic Framwork , Windows 10 32 Bits.

asked by Pedro Miguel Pimienta Morales 15.08.2016 в 23:55

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That's a sub-module [EN]. It is gray because for some reason it is pointing to a location that no longer exists. Other reasons may be that the sub-module has been configured incorrectly or because at some point you initialized git inside that folder and deleted the repo. When the sub-module is working correctly the color of the icon is green. You can check the history of the repository to verify at what moment of time the link was lost. If you can use a graphical tool such as SourceTree or the Github client, much better.

answered by 23.08.2016 в 00:15