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Carousel bootstrap does not work, the script is not executed (it seems)

Hello very good to all the community :) I was doing the design of a web page using bootstrap when I tried to create a carousel but instead of running correctly I put the images on top of each other, instead of contained in the window of carousel...
asked by 14.09.2018 / 12:36

I see a black background when the Bootstrap carousel goes by image

How do I make it so that I do not see a black background between image and image? Thank you very much already. html, body { height: 100%; } .carousel, .item, .active { height: 100%; } .carousel-inner { height:...
asked by 23.08.2018 / 17:33

Xamarin Forms Carousel View works on Android but does not show on iOS

I'm doing an app in Xamarin Forms, using the nuous Carousel View, I'm trying, and it works perfectly for me in Android, the carousel is already shown, but if it is not shown, I installed the Nuget in the shared project, in the android project an...
asked by 11.07.2018 / 18:15