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What happens if I open a file and I do not close it?

I am new to programming in ansi C. I am currently learning to manipulate files. My question is if I open a file using the function fopen, and I finish the program without using fclose, the file can be damaged or is there a pending process on...
asked by 01.06.2018 / 02:09

How to put php code in fwriter

I'm doing a mini system to create a folder with files inside, but the html works perfectly. but when you put the php code, everything stops working. I can not find any information that can help me. If anyone knows please help me :( Or if I...
asked by 31.12.2018 / 00:19

Problem Update column of a csv. using php

Hello, I find the following code: //Abrimos el fichero en modo c+, que permite lectura y escritura sin truncar el fichero, como hace w $f = fopen(__DIR__ .'/datos/saved.csv', 'c+'); $cursor = 0; while ($row = fgetcsv($f)) { $result = $row...
asked by 16.03.2018 / 07:59