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Can style variables be sent by JS to SheetJs so that the table created in excel has borders?

I have the following code that takes an html table and exports it to excel. <script lang="javascript" src=""></script> <script lang="javas...
asked by 27.11.2018 / 16:25

problems when recording an excel with SheetJS

I have the following script, which allows the user (client) to select an excel from their disk drive, using SheetJs and angularJS <script src="" ></script> <...
asked by 21.11.2018 / 21:49

I can not export html table with the SheetJs library solution?

Every time I click the button the saveAs function tells me in console that it is not defined. $(".btn-buscar").click(function (e) { e.preventDefault(); var workbook = XLSX.utils.book_new(); var worksheet = XLSX.utils.table_to_shee...
asked by 27.08.2018 / 20:38