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Can ajax calls overload a server?

I am developing an application that has some elements of the database, so I have to make ajax calls for each component, I have about 50 tables which have brands, models, product types, etc. It is so to do it in a SPA I call all those elements...
asked by 16.09.2016 / 23:06

Function overload in C ++ passing arguments by value or by reference (Function Overloading)

Assuming we have this example of functions in C ++ void foo(int x) { std::cout << "foo(int)" << std::endl; } void foo(int& x) { std::cout << "foo(int &)" << std::endl; } Is there a possibility to different...
asked by 15.08.2016 / 13:26

error method overloaded in java

Hi, can someone help me? I do not know why I get this error. abstract class Uno { protected int d1,d2; abstract public int devolver_suma (int x,int y); } class Dos extends Uno { public int devolver_suma(int x,int y) {...
asked by 16.05.2016 / 21:08

Overload constructor in inherited class

I have a Person class that has the following constructor Person(String firstName, String lastName, int identification){ And a student class that extends from Person and whose constructor I want to add one more parameter, which are the notes...
asked by 25.11.2016 / 09:47

Overload of constructors in TypeScript

I am trying to make a class in TypeScript, in the following way: You can receive a Array<Array<string>> only or you can receive several parameters ( ancho : number , blanco : string , trozo : string ) T...
asked by 31.08.2016 / 19:35

Problem in sum overloaded with array pointers [closed]

I have an overloaded operator + that returns an object of type IntArr, the sum of arrays is done well inside the function but when I do A = B + C the first two elements are not copied, leaving any numbers, why Does this happen? Thanks Over...
asked by 21.04.2018 / 17:01