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Show first word of a field in SQL

I have the need to get the first word of a data from the table. I have searched for information but I only see to get the characters you want. <?php $usuario = $_SESSION['username']; $pass = $_SESSION['password']; $results =...
asked by 04.09.2018 / 12:41

Sort list according to the value of the last two digits is repeated or not

It is possible to sort in python a list like this: lista = ["0113", "0208", "0312", "0430", "0512", "0612", "0716", "0827", "0916"] So, taking into account the last two digits of each element, compare them and group them if they have the sa...
asked by 21.10.2018 / 21:13

Substring in a comparison (ON)

Friends, I'm doing a SQL query where I have to use only part of the characters in one column and compare it with another to get the matches: SELECT A.NUMCLIEN,A.CODIDENT,A.CLAIDENT,A.DIGIDENT,C.ENTIOFI,C.CUENTA FROM GPBC.UGDTMAE C JOIN GPBC.PE...
asked by 27.10.2018 / 02:18

help to make a ruby text substitution with gsub

I have the text:     if alice < > 1234 then     go to restart     endif     if alice = 1234 then     go to restart2     endif and I'd like to replace it with cmp,ebx,1234 jnz restart cmp,ebx,1234 jz restart2 I would appreciate any he...
asked by 14.10.2018 / 04:49

Extract characters with substring method in java

I ask for help please; I need to extract two different positions of the same string with the substring () method of java, but it generates an error. package Entradas; import java.util.Scanner; public class Ejer20_parqueadero {...
asked by 14.09.2018 / 04:54