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Is it possible to read a character by keyboard in Java?

I would need to know how to read a character by keyboard in Java . I know you can read a number, or a phrase, but this time I would like you to read just one character, and that the system displays a message, immediately after pressing that...
asked by 27.11.2016 / 23:07

Write only once each key, ignoring the repetitions

I want that when a key is pressed a long time it does not write several times. ejemplo: tecla tiempo resultado a 3seg a I made this code but it does not work, use the 3 events. var texto=document.getElem...
asked by 19.03.2017 / 17:32

Open on-screen keyboard on tablet with Windows 10

I am developing an application Windows forms with visual basic . This application will work on a tablet with Windows 10 , the problem is that when I press on textbox the touch keyboard is not displayed, it only happe...
asked by 06.07.2018 / 19:24

Can I use an AngularJs keypress inside a div and not an input?

Good morning, I'm starting to make a game that is a 100x100 board on the screen, I want to be able to recognize when the keyboard dates are pressed so that the player moves along the board, I'm using AngularJS, for that there is the ng direct...
asked by 17.04.2017 / 18:28

Show only numeric keypad Winform

I am creating a Winform application in C # for tablet. I got the tactile keyboard on the screen when I press the textbox. But in some I just want to enter numbers. Can someone tell me how to show only the Windows numeric touchpad? Another opt...
asked by 30.05.2018 / 19:41

VB.NET Keyboard windows 10 (TabTip.exe) can not be seen

I am invoking the Windows 10 keyboard, in a windows forms application, but this one appears in the taeas panel, is not visible on the screen. Here I leave the code of how I invoke it. Any ideas? Dim TabTip = "C:\Program Files\Common Fil...
asked by 13.03.2018 / 12:32

Capture keyboard arrows in Qt

I have been doing a school project in which they asked me to create the 2048 game, I created it on the console line as a base, and then I did the graphic design, but when I wanted to implement it I found the problem that checked at the time of s...
asked by 12.03.2018 / 20:29