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How to call a zeep python service?

I'm trying to connect to a SOAP service with the Zeep library. I have a function that mocks the data and makes the call: def cotizacionGuia(self,valor_declarado): wsdl = '
asked by 28.03.2018 / 12:26

Consume webservice, problem with datetime

I have this code to consume a webservice # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- import zeep import datetime from zeep import Client from zeep.transports import Transport from zeep import xsd from zeep.wsse.username import UsernameToken from requests import S...
asked by 24.08.2018 / 05:19

Change the port of an endpoint with the Python SOAP client - Zeep

Excuse me, I have an endpoint which shows me certain web services, said endpoint is the following: wsdl=" link " The problem is that, at the moment of wanting to obtain the client to be able to obtain the web services, the zeep.Client ()...
asked by 30.10.2018 / 00:57