IE9 does not redirect AngularJs


I have the following script to redirect to the page I want

$location.$$urlUpdatedByLocation = true;
$location.$$absUrl = location.origin+location.pathname+"busqTerceros.html"; 

In the file busqTerceros.html I have the following:

  <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=/consultapagina/#!/consultapaginados" />   

This search is done from the API AngularJS router. from what I've read in the forums in some way, IE loses the route by using #!

Does anyone know why IE does this? How can it be resolved?

This works in Google Chrome, Firefox, but not in IE, the error that was generated on the screen was the following: Error

asked by Ikabod 20.11.2018 в 00:13

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