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String.format vs. StringBuilder vs. String.Concat vs string + string

I'm doing a log in .Net which before and after each process will be filled string with the message: "proceso x realizado \n" "proceso y saltado \n" //porque o se realiza x o y "proceso a fallo al sumar \n" "proceso n [...] \n"...
asked by 24.02.2017 / 00:40

Concat of two fields in different rows - ORACLE

I have the table Adjudicacion which carries various data, including no_garantia , and each row of the query would be an adjudication. Each award, as I said before, has its kind of guarantee (normal, professional or both). If the awa...
asked by 09.08.2018 / 15:00

When using CONCAT, I get an error saying "The input string does not have the correct format"

It turns out that data charges to DataTable in the following way: private void cargarempresas() { dt_hogar = new DataTable(); String sql = "SELECT CAST(CONCAT(nombre,'-',apellido)AS CHAR) AS nombre,fechacreacion FROM hogar";...
asked by 24.07.2017 / 07:34

Save a series of Dataframes in a single python

I'm using a function that uses all the values of a column hosted in a file .csv The result of the function is another column with numeric values that is hosted in a previously created .csv file. To select the column I use ilo...
asked by 09.05.2017 / 00:46