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Share web content in Google+

Does anyone know how I can share content from my website on Google+? The problem is that it is content that is generated dynamically, I would like to do something like what Facebook does, which allows me to customize the title or image among oth...
asked by 17.03.2016 / 22:58

Android how to avoid closing the user's session when the app is removed from the background

How can I achieve that when the user minimizes the application with the home or back button and then removes it from the apps running in the background does the session not close? It turns out that you log in correctly with Google+, but if th...
asked by 21.08.2016 / 21:22

Google+ and Android Studio edit share publication

I am developing an application that has the share action in Google+. When one shares, the publication that I am going to leave next in the image comes out. The question is: How can I modify the photo that is marked in brown? How can I modify the...
asked by 12.06.2016 / 03:54

Error trying to read a field [closed]

Mark nullpointerexception when trying to read a string on a null object, the field is , which I do not implement, but maybe the Google API to connect through Google+ may be doing by getting the User name   ...
asked by 11.11.2016 / 00:29