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date changed when exporting kendoGrid to excel

I have a kendoGrid table, with a date field, that shows it correctly on the screen, but when exporting it to excel it changes the value by subtracting it one day and I do not know how to solve it. You can try the code in the following r...
asked by 03.07.2018 / 20:03

Kendo Template does not show special characters

I am using Kendo UI to generate a report in the problem is that I am trying to show a multiselect and it does not work for me, eh tried with many ways to show it on the script that contains the template, eh used Viewbags and Dictionary t...
asked by 13.06.2018 / 17:07

select the row when activating checkbox kendo grid

Hi, I would like to know how to select the row to which the activated checkbox belongs to kendo UI grid grid code: @(Html.Kendo().Grid<Ttraslados.ViewModels.ServiciosViewModel>() .Name("grid")...
asked by 16.05.2018 / 19:44

Oracle Entity Framework problems with operator like

In one of our projects with MVC, Oracle and Telerik Kendo we have a problem with searches since they are differentiating between uppercase, lowercase and accents. We create a trigger in the DB so that after the start of stable session...
asked by 12.02.2018 / 21:38

Can you group the elements of the legend in kendoChart with JQuery?

Greetings, I would need to group the elements of a Kendochart series, so that they are separated as follows: Group title 1 : Series 1. Series 2. Group title 2 : Series 3. Series 4. I tried to do it with a template in the label as fol...
asked by 22.12.2017 / 08:55

Show Reports Teleriks in project asp mvc gives error

Good afternoon, I have a project in asp mvc 5, with razor views, which I am trying to show some reports of teleriks that I already have facts, and they are in the Content folder, however, I am giving many problems and errors . Like this: Par...
asked by 10.04.2016 / 03:07