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What does '' this '' mean when we are working with objects in javascript?

This is an example of my doubt, why put "this" at the beginning instead of just putting "wheels = 4" or "seats = 1", etc. How can this help me when programming? var Car = function() { this.wheels = 4; this.seats = 1; this.engines = 1; };...
asked on 25.06.2016 / 05:23

Add borders to words in regular expressions

I want to have in Javascript a function that uses regular expressions to add things to the edges of certain words in a text. Example, I want to replace this:    The swift Indian bat ate happy cardillo and kiwi. The stork played the saxop...
asked on 25.03.2017 / 00:12

Bold in a part of a TextView

Good, I wanted to know if in a TextView you could put only a part of it in bold, like for example: Hello world , my name is Pepe .     
asked on 17.11.2016 / 16:48

Search for all files that contain a text string in Linux

   Original question: Finding all files containing a text string on Linux from Nathan I'm trying to find a way to scan my entire Linux system for files with a specific text string. Just to be clear, I look for a text string in the file,...
asked on 21.12.2015 / 22:18

How to limit the number of decimals of a double?

As the title says, I want to limit the number of decimals that results from an operation with double type variables, this result is shown in a JTextArea of a JFrame. The code that does the operation and prints the result in the JTextArea is t...
asked on 23.10.2016 / 18:20

Builders in java

Hello friends, sorry, I am studying java and in the classes the teacher touched on the topic of "java builders" and I did not really understand it. Well what I understood is this:    A constructor is similar to a method but only serves to...
asked on 06.10.2016 / 03:31

C ++ Questions about the Goto instruction

Studying programming I come across this strange instruction, in a certain way I understand that it jumps to the instruction it points to but why it is not used? The truth is a curious alternative to loops and conditional but I read that it is no...
asked on 28.02.2017 / 16:09

How to create a button with jquery and that contains a span tag?

I think the button with jQuery works for me but I can not make the span tags recognize them with html . $(document).on('click', '#Crear', function() { var boton = $('<button/>', { 't...
asked on 04.04.2017 / 16:07

Can I enter special characters from a JSON?

How can I enter special characters within a JSON? For example, if I have: { "a": "Hola mundo" } and I want to put the word "world" in quotes. Try escaping them and with the HTML code: " The string I show in a web page, but neither of th...
asked on 30.05.2018 / 23:04

Find variables in a document

var a1 = setTimeout(function(){}); var a2 = setTimeout(function(){}); var a3 = setTimeout(function(){}); var a4 = setTimeout(function(){}); var a5 = setTimeout(function(){}); if(){ clearInterval(a1); clearInterval(a2); // etc.. }...
asked on 05.09.2017 / 18:10